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QubeChain is HMInv investment around the Blockchain exosystem.  In the Healthcare vertical space, QubeChain is developing a commercial application to automate, streamline and secure viral precision medicine in a HIPAA and HL7 compliant way using blockchain to anonymously manage identity and signatures, as well as to keep a transaction log for financial transparency and 3rd party auditability.  QubeChain has designed it as a web application highly available and scalable in the cloud that manages the data, permission (by consent or directive) and transaction flows, integrating all the stakeholders in its healthcare ecosystem and monetizes the platform by charging each of the parties a fee for its service. 

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HMInv partners with numerous companies to accieve its investment goals.  

  • Blockchain Management Consulting

    Packaged engagements revolve around helping senior managment and their needs to understand blockchain and how it might affect their business.  

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  • PoC

    Expert guidence around PoCs, consortium management, education, business planning. 

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  • BlockChain Presentations

    Let one of our experienced speakers introduce Blockchain to your business or speak at your corporate function.  Main stage speakers, moderators of expert panels, or hackathon management. Topis range from Blockchain 101, Identity Management, Microsoft AZURE Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), and Smart Contract development. 

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  • Startup funding

    Schedule time to meet with one of our VC Analyst. Limited NDA, presentation material, financial data, business plan will be required after initial meeting.

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  • "Having partnered and invested along side HMInv for more than 14 years now has given me the ability to invest in projects I never could have done along". John Mills


  • "Partnering with Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC. gave my company the credibility needed to meet and secure contracts with companies I would have never be able to without them".  Rich Boney CEO Members Air


  • "workign just weeks with a HMInv advisor turned our company from a 1 bay repair shop to 5 bays with long term customers.." Denise World Auto

    Business experience