HMInv only invests as an active partner in industries we have expertise in. Minimal involvement would be a seat on the Board of Directors.  All HMInv companies use the same core front office systems including HR, Bookkeeping, IT, Cloud Infrastructure, and Legal.  

C. Rees Morgan II
Founder, Managing Member

Mr. Morgan has a B.S. in Computer Engineering, Master studies MBA George Washington University. Started his career as a senior system engineer at CIAL ......

Arthur Hudson
Board of Advisors

Mr. Hudson brings years of experience building multinational companies. With expertise in supply chain, global sourcing, finance, and executive manage ......

Richard Plane
Board of Advisors

Richard Plane is the CTO for Cisco’s Advanced Services, Cloud and Networking Services. The innovation and delivery center of excellence is responsib ......

Kang Hsu
Co-Founder QubeChain

Mr. Hsu leads QubeChain Healthcare vertical. He has extensive knowledge of the Pharma industry. QubeChain is in development of a blockchain platform ......

Rich Boney
HMInv Partner Aeronautical

Mr. Boney leads our Aeronautical vertical. We believe the Blockchain has value in several areas of the Aeronautical industry. PoCs are being develop ......

Kurt Kumar
QubeChain Consulting Partner

Kurt works closely with QubeChain in its blockchain development efforts. He leads QubeChain consulting practice. ......

Solomon Yang
Business Partner Staffing & Recruitment

Solomon Yang has over 14 years of Executive HR Recruitment and Professional HR & IT consultant experience and works with key stakeholders ......

Ned Evans
QubeChain In-house Legal Counsel

Mr. Evans leads our in-house legal counsel.